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How many local PG pilots have created approach pattern issues or done other stupid stuff during the past month?  During my 6 days there recently I had to work low level lift on my hg to avoid the local PG pilot who clearly was going to land at the base of the HG training hill (which he did), was present on Crestline launch when a local hg pilot was stopped from launching unhooked to his glider by my pg friend who fortunately offered to help him launch (although he turned down a hang check).  If my friend hadn’t been totally observant, you could have added death or very serious injury to your list of incidents.  But I get it, it is obvious that no one is going to give any serious thoughts to modifying rules to ensure reasonableness and safety.  A very small group seems to be in control of things in this very large club and a lot of what is going on is pure self interest.  This opinion was not reached lightly and I hate to state it but it’s true.  But if you’re gonna enforce rules, apply them to everyone equally, including the instructors who don’t seem to think the rules apply to them.