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Ken Howells
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I celebrate Nita!

Ever cheerful and loving she embraced the world and everyone in it.

I started learning to hang glide in the summer of 1985 and Andy died from cancer that Labor Day weekend. I hadn’t seen the place when it was party-like but understood that it was. Nita could have packed-up and walked away from the airpark and hang gliding and been perfectly justified and understood.

But she stayed a while, and hung on long enough for a smooth transition and clout later when the State water project threatened. There were some fun Christmas parties at Nitas with the pilots way back when.

So I got to keep flying hang gliders here in my home town and got involved with the club and got a job in hang gliding and met a whole lot of interesting people and made some lifelong friends.

Few have had such an impact on the course of my life.

Thanks Nita!