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I get it that for safety reasons the USFS has closed the forest and access to all remote areas so the 750 and Marshal are obviously closed, but the Crestline launch has a public road to it and is surrounded by private houses whose residents are obviously exempt from any travel restriction, nor is there is any other restriction of public travel on the road to launch. AJX is not on Forrest Service property and therefore not affected. The restricted activities on the USFS website says nothing about HG or PG activity (see: https://www.fs.usda.gov/sbnf).

I don’t want to be a radical about this, but thinking rationally, why can’t we fly from Crestline? We don’t use sources of ignition (certain exceptions in the LZ), carry no flammable fuels and pose no risk of creating a fire. As to causing stress on emergency services, I suppose this is a valid consideration, but many of the services required in the remote chance a rescue is needed are not the same services fighting forest fires. In addition, the fire fighting TFR is well to the east of most of our flying activities and can be easily avoided.

We’ve had so many restrictions placed upon us this year I’m getting weary of the blanket remedies. I’m not going to be a radical about this, but come on. This is just getting ridiculous.