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George Stebbins
General Member

It’s been quite a year.  Sigh.

A few thoughts:

  1. I am no expert in this area, so take this with a grain of salt
  2. Deliberately detachable roof seems like a bad idea due to safety and liability
  3. Criag’s idea of a flap seems interesting, but I suspect we’d have a hard time getting that for a decent price
  4. As a landlord, I can say that wooden posts often do rot near the bottom, especially when they get wet (sprinklers, anyone?) – and you cannot always tell at a glance
  5. Maybe a rebar-concrete roof so it won’t blow away?  Maybe that’s too much money, maybe that’s overkill, maybe it would be too heavy – It is just a thought.

Thanks to all who are contributing – I’ll be doing so myself shortly after I discuss amount with my wife