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Albert Sharp
General Member

Jonathan, you make a great point and everyone should be warm and welcoming at launch and at the LZ.  If a person feels welcome they might be more inclined to ask and accept advise about launches, landings, site hazards, and protocols.  As a new pilot I remember feeling very intimidated on launch and in the LZ because I was surrounded by so many people with more experience than I had at the time.

I can also appreciate the desire not to be governed by unnecessary rules and regulations.  But that is not the climate we live in at our location at this time.  Safe practices and financial liability are important and must be satisfied.  The Club has rules and protocols in place for the safety of the individual and the liability of the Club.  I for one hope to fly here for a very long time.  I love this site and the things that club members do you improve the site and my experience there.  If there are too many accidents then the Club will become unsustainable.  What happens then?  Will the land will be sold, other land owners trespass anyone who lands on their property, the forest service block access to launch?

I believe it is a reasonable expectation to be a current Club member, and Current USHPA member with the proper rating, to satisfy the safety and liability concerns of our sport and our Club at our location.  I think the argument that Club rules don’t apply to a launch that is outside of the Club boundaries is factually correct but a dangerous position to take because accidents will draw negative attention to CSS, and a financial burden in the event CSS is named in any legal action.

But it doesn’t matter what I think.  Those are the rules of the Club.  If anyone disagrees then as a club we should discuss, vote, and amend the policies and rules as necessary. But right now, those are the rules we should follow.