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Gary Anderson
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The corrective action said that “Pilot flew behind the ridge due to lack of experience about ridge sites and potential for rotor and sink conditions.” then said the corrective action was to continue with instruction.

The pilot was a student and flying under radio instruction precisely because they lacked experience and might not recognize when they are in danger.  Recognizing that kind of danger must be the instructors responsibility because the student pilot does not have adequate experience.

So, how does a student-pilot flying under instruction get into a rotor behind the mountain?

  • Did the instructor see that the student pilot was behind the ridge?
  • Did the instructor tell the student pilot that they were too deep and needed to fly towards the front of the mountain?
  • Did the radio fail?
  • Did the student pilot ignore the instructor?
  • Was the student pilot so confused that they did not understand the instructors commands?

How and why did this actually happen?