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Now is the time.
To all the people who have asked if there’s anything they can do to help out, 8:00 Saturday morning 7/17/21 is the day and time.

The plan is to get most of the rebar in for the first pour. That will have to cure, and then the columns can go in and be made plumb. After that, there’s more rebar and a second pour, and then the East side of the shade structure can be backfilled.

Gene and I have removed most of the dirt that we can remove with machines.
Now there’s a need for a bunch of guys with shovels to do the fine detail work of cleaning out corners in the holes, evening up the edges in places, and… there is one place where due to the fiber optic and power being there, needs to be dug by hand.
If we have a bunch of people there, no one should have to work too hard. We have three or four shovels, but if you have a favorite you’d like to bring along, please do.

It would be nice if you’d RSVP here. If you decide to come, check here in the morning, and if it hasn’t been called off, I’ll see you there.