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Jai Pal Khalsa
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Thanks for explaining that Jana. The goal, or series of goals for our capital improvements was originally grouped into distinct parts to be “pay as we go” . The idea was to pay for materials only with money raised and to use donated labor to complete the work. So far labor has been donated by members and interested qualified parties. There are many milestones in building the new shade structure and facilities. Phase 1 has been design, engineering, underground utilities and foundations , steel columns and cast concrete support walls. $25k.

Phase 2 involves structural roof beams, roof framing, then a waterproof roof covering. $40k.
Phase 3 after removal of the container requires a new flat and level concrete slab with related LZ site grading around it plus grass restoration, some electrical, and lighting $15k+.
Phase 4 restore/remodel kitchen. Enclose a multipurpose space with floor to ceiling storefront walls and retractible doors. $15k.
Phase 4B. Build out multipurpose space, add electrical, install solar, a/c, lighting, displays, fixtures, club and site support, exhibit spaces for free flight history. Audio, video, stage, PA, teaching aids. Fixtures, furniture etc over time $10k  to $20k as we grow into it.
These are estimates only. Additional facilities and features will be built when funded and needed

For those interested, a CSS lifetime membership is available for a donation of $10k, although donations of any amount will be welcomed