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Good job on the epic flights everyone!

Sounds like landing at Hangar 24 was a better idea than landing at AJX. 4 of us HGs hit strong sink just outside the LZ and got put down in the bushes! …And less beer!

I went the opposite direction to Cucamonga Peak. I’ve never flown a convergence before and didn’t find the lift line till I was on my way back. I climbed to about 9k at Pine then headed towards Cucamonga, finding one thermal along the way. Encountered nothing but sink while pushing towards the actual peak, which dropped me to 5,400′ before catching a thermal back up to 9,500′. Then finding the convergence line and slowly climbing to 10,300′ over about 11 miles in a straight line on my way back to Crestline. Went over Arrowhead mtn to the back ridge but the air got violent. Went in front of Marshal where several of us very quickly sunk out!