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George Stebbins
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Last summer, I was flying Marshall, and got very low – basically a few turns from setting up my landing.  But, I managed a save, and climbed to 10+k!  Being thrilled to have pulled that off, I went on glide toward Pine Flats.  Most of the way there, I saw a commercial jet 50′-100′ or so above me and maybe a few hundred yards in front of me!  We were pointed at each other.  (I had been so stoked by the climb that I had stopped looking around for a bit – silly me!)  I did an aggressive high-banked right turn and flew rapidly 90 degrees to the path of the plane and then went to the billboard to stay out of the turbulence from the jet.  Lesson learned.  Keep a lookout, my friends!  Don’t count on quick reflexes and skill to save you from what you could avoid just by paying attention!