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Dan DeWeese
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Pilot Crash Protocol:

If you find yourself crashed on the hillside uninjured, get your wing folded up right away if you can. Text, call, radio or signal the fact that you are ok so emergency responders arent sent on a dry run.

If youre injured, stay put. Your lack of activity is the signal that you need help. If possible, call or radio for help.

If youre flying and see a downed pilot, get close enough to determine whether theyre injured or not-(without jeopardizing your own safety) and communicate whether an emergency response is warranted or not. Note details on the crash location; coords, landmark, distance and direction from x……

If you are unsure if the pilot is injured and there is no apparent movement within a few minutes, 911.

When in doubt, 911. Now!

I’d much rather visit a pilot in the hospital, than at their funeral.