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Stan Barankiewicz
General Member

The Board is not being secretive in any way.  Additionally, there have not been any Board meetings since April because no Board decisions have been made since.  I don’t understand where these rumors are coming from, but they are untrue.  The Board has not been planning or considering getting out of USHPA, changing the rating system, or obtaining another rating provider.  Each and every one of these decisions would have to be made beforehand by a vote of the entire club membership.  Additionally, that vote would only occur after the Board decides to put it to a vote.  Neither a single Board member nor a minority of Board members can force a vote or make such decisions.  This club is entirely democratic, which I staunchly uphold.  There is no rule by one or a select few.  Nor is there secrecy.  Just because a few Board members discuss potential ways to advance freeflight and improve our club does not mean the Board is being secretive.  Just because ideas are bantered around does not mean that important club decisions are going to be made against the will of the members.  Rest assured that cannot, and will not, happen.

The Board is in the process of determining when the next Board meeting will be held in the very near future.