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AUA is owned and administered by Ed Pittman and yes I’ve been a member of it for 2 years now and if the club decides to accept this new rating system it will be a decision made by all members of the club. The system is equivalent to USHPA with an even stronger and more complete FAA exemption.  The cost now to be an AUA member is only $50 per year regardless if you’re a tandem instructor or just a pilot, it is a simple form of administration like USHGA used to be back in the day before the junction of APA and USHGA. The club should have no problem in accepting this rating system and that means you can choose who’s tandem exemption you want to be under, if you love the way USHPA manages your ratings you can stay with them or you can join AUA and have the freedom every paraglider or hanglider would love to have. Stan, Jaipal and I took a trip to AUA headquarters to ask questions about insurance, FAA interaction, rating system, pilot protection from law suites, expansion AUA services to our club members and how that would work.
We were really happy with our meeting with the entire board of AUA and they said they could serve CSS members starting now and if one day the president of AUA for some reason can’t continue the job, he said someone will take over and AUA will never die. If anyone has any questions about AUA or wants to become a member call me and I will explain more. 714 608 3451