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Since the FAA does not require insurance for you to operate and fly a hanglider or a paraglider AUA does not offer insurance. Aviation insurance is a flaw in the USHPA concept. Greedy lawyers will love to hear the word insurance so they can collect a fat paycheck. No insurance no law suit. No lawyer will take a case if there’s no money to be made. In our case we have to have GLI general liability insurance required by the DWR to keep our lease. Aviation insurance is not required by the  FAA or the DWR for the practice of our sport. The rating system AUA has now is the same used by the FAA for Sport Pilots and we are trying to add an extra more simplified pilot rating system similar to all international PG and HG rating system used all over the world like the FAI. That also will take board meetings so we can come on an agreement for a simple and effective rating system. Again it will be OPTIONAL FOR MEMBERS. if you thing the USHPA rating system works for you it’s a choice of everyone of us. You also will be able to have both like I do.  We’re trying to offer choices and not live under a monopoly. Back in the early 90’s we used to have APA American Paragliding Association that merged with the former USHGA to cut the costs on the insurance provided by loyds of London making USHGA the only entity to provide cheap GLI to small clubs and pilots anywhere in the United States. But it was third party liability insurance only, not aviation or pilot on pilot type of incident. More detailed explanation will be available in the general club meeting coming up soon, I’m trying to find a date for the meeting that will work for everyone or most members.