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Yes. We’re trying to add to the bylaws of the club to accept other forms of rating system such as USHPA, IPPI, FAI and AUA.

It seems to me that it is a big conflict of interest to serve on the CSS board, change our By Laws AND to be pushing for a new ratings system to be accepted by the club, all by the same people who are making plans to run the AUA in the near, or foreseeable future. You didn’t want a USHPA rep on the Board, because you felt it was a conflict of interest. This, in my opinion, is also a very big conflict of interest, and maybe more so.

I hope I answered your questions and concerns and I’m glad that you are helping other members understand what the board of CSS is working for.

I don’t feel that my question above has been addressed. I’m asking what happens if (for example) a pilot, or an instructor loses his/her USHPA ratings due to one reason or another, such as having numerous complaints against them. Does that instructor retain their AUA instructor ratings? Do they get to continue to teach and issue AUA ratings even though they’ve lost their USHPA instructor ratings? If they’re not already an AUA member, will they be able to join and continue to wreak havoc on our site (assuming that’s what they’ve lost their ratings for)? My question includes tandem instructors. How does it protect our club from instructors and pilots who have been deemed unfit by USHPA to continue to teach and/or fly? Hypothetically if I get kicked out of one organization, do I just get my ratings with the other guys and I can continue on my path of destruction at AJX?


I’m glad that a “General” Member meeting has been scheduled, but the Board members still need to have a “Board” meeting among yourselves every other month, for which then the minutes need to be posted for all to see. That meeting is overdue.

I realize that Slack has allowed the CSS Board members to communicate about issues on a daily basis, but these chats are not available to us regular members! This is why you guys need to discuss a list of issues semi-publicly every other month.

It used to be that anyone could attend and listen in on the Board meetings at the LZ. That changed when Covid hit and we were forced to have them on Zoom. Please follow the By Laws. Stan knows the procedure. He’s had to attend those meetings for two years now.