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Jerome Daoust
General Member

Thanks Marcello for some clarifications, at the same time Jana brings good questions. Good dialogue to see posted here.

Hopefully, club bylaws can only be changed after a membership vote, not just board members. True?

AUA… Is this their website? American Ultralight Association Inc. Maybe there is a lot of good people and hard work behind it, but their website does not convey a sense of this.

AUA… Do they have a detailed paragliding and hang gliding rating and training program, for solo¬† and tandem? Does USHPA recognize AUA rating levels and offer an equivalency as it does for IPPI rating (equivalency table)?

AUA… We get many visitor from other countries, and we would not expect them to get re-certified with an USHPA rating just for a short visit here when out of their country, so accepting IPPI equivalencies makes sense for foreigners. But is there a similar number (compared to foreigners) of pilots with only an AUA rating that want to use our site? For AUA members who chose to avoid USHPA (for whatever reason), they could find a way to get an IPPI rating and the club can then rely on that.