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Sorry to not fully explain that. But if someone loses the ability to use our club as a teaching facility regardless of  the credentials they have, it will be up to the club to take initiative to keep that instructor or pilot from using our landing site. We can’t stop anyone to access the national forest to launch or teach paragliding or hangliding if they don’t have credentials, like I mentioned earlier it’s not against the law to teach paragliding or hangliding without credentials. Since we want to protect our Landing Zone we should require credentials so we can save our LZ from accidents, but we don’t have the power to stop anyone from driving up to a national forest site and tell them NO FLYING FOR YOU!  So your father was kicked out of USHPA for life and if one day we started to accept other rating systems like I mentioned before, he could maybe be re evaluated and be back flying at our flying site if the club and members accept him back under a different rating system. Wouldn’t that be  very democratic if we all got together and brought Peter back and give him a second chance to relearn safety and keep our site accident free?

And to answer you about conflict of interest between the CSS and AUA. I guarantee you that will be no one from the board running AUA. When the time is right  all of the club members will be notified as soon as we present the plans to the CSS board of directors. Calm down and relax we are working to make our club a great place for all of us and again and for the last time we’re NOT getting a new or replacing USHPA rating system we’re just want to be able to accept other rating systems so you can choose what tandem exemption you want to have. NOW THAT IS AN FAA RULE YOU MUST ABIDE. You must have an exemption from the FAA if you plan to take someone on a tandem ride. 😜