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AUA Pilot Training

Thanks for putting that list together Jerome. In your “Reasons to vote Yes on AUA” list you ask: “No need to file accident reports?”

In the above AUA link it says:

“6) For the purpose of improved safety, all accidents and incidents shall be submitted in writing, with as much detail as possible, to the AUA Safety Officer for that Category. NOTE: All information in these reports will remain completely confidential to protect all parties concerned. Once appropriately reviewed, originals are returned or destroyed. They will never be disclosed. AUA needs enough information to isolate each incident to prevent multiple reports of a single incident, i.e. date and time it occurred, type of craft, where, etc…….. and enough information to help determine what happened to identify possible remedies.
Date and Time and/or location, are our primary tracking information.”

So it seems the AUA also requires the reporting of incidents and accidents.