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Before the ranch was purchased, the LZ was mostly low scrub brush with a small carpeted area for folding wings near the shade structure. AND,

There was no hang gliding training hill other than off the SW corner of the LZ because the private ranch property precluded the NE training hill option.

The ranch property had a fence surrounding their property line and trees were on the south side which made the LZ effectively smaller. Approach airspace was much tighter.

Any and all water at the LZ (drinking washing etc) was brought in usually in 5 gallon jugs.

Electricity was whatever a couple of 100 w solar panels could provide.

No pond at which to treat family members.

No wifi.

No 350 launch.

I recommend that when the CSS is evaluating “costs”, they get input from the current ranch owners. I believe that the fixed cost of the ranch is greater than what income is just from the rental unit. Without the payments from the CSS the ranch would be operating at a loss. So why wouldn’t the ranch in that case, sell to stop the bleeding? I know that I would sell.

When grass is the covering, the dusty winds deposit particles onto the grass, raising its level by perhaps an inch every couple or three years. When we had partial grass coverage it was obvious this was happening by seeing the “step” along the grass perimeters. This tells me that an artificial turf will also continually receive 1/4″ to 1/2″ of dirt every year. The turf will not be growing up through thus coverage so the debris must either must be removed or we live with a dirt covered turf.

Decisions have consequences.