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George Stebbins
General Member

Many interesting points.  I agree with Rob that talking to the Ranch owners makes a lot of sense.  If they sell and we lose some of our LZ, training hill, and amenities, then the cost savings becomes not worth it.

I have no idea how long used astroturf lasts.  If it was once a year (as suggested as an extreme), the $400 difference makes me say grass!  If it was 10 years, that is, of course, a whole different thing.  In between, who knows – it depends on the response of the Ranch owners, I think.

This merits further investigation and discussion with the club members and the Ranch.

Side note:  Newer artificial turf is much nicer than the stuff they made a few years ago.  However, if we get used, we’re likely to get the stiffer old stuff.  Not pushing anything, just pointing out that there is a difference between the really old stuff and the more recent old stuff, aside from it being older and more sun-exposed.