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David Webb
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Discussion about RRRG requirements (eliminating day use fees / operating as a commercial flight park):

Board members have had a lot of back and forth with the RRRG (USHPA’s insurer) regarding how we operate. Steve Rohrbaugh, who is the San Diego club president, is also the RRRG USHPA chapter liason and we have been in touch with him regarding this, since he has had to make changes to how the SD club handles this as well – San Diego has moved to a one month / one year membership model.

They have been very clear (flat out told us) that in order to avoid being viewed as a “commercial flight park” (which would mean a whole bunch of other hoops to jump through and money), that day use fees must be eliminated. All fees should be “memberships,” and that the minimum term on memberships should be no less than one month. Period.

It’s in all of our best interests to play nice with USHPA (and RRRG is their insurer). I’m learning that some of us have a bit of disagreement with USHPA in general (whether they should just go away, change their rules, etc), but for now, they’re what we’ve got – closest thing we have to a governing body in the US that protects our sport.