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David Webb
General Member

Having an image rotator (several images that cycle through) is bad for load times, since all of those photos need to be downloaded when you visit the page.

We ARE definitely open to having you all submit photos to use there though, and we’d love to swap them out regularly.  Since it’s the most prominent photo on the entire site (first thing everyone sees when they go to crestlinesoaring.org), we wanted to make sure that we were being inclusive of both wing types, so I think photos with both HGs and PGs would be preferred.

Also, when looking at shots that you have to submit, try playing around with scaling and cropping it (try cropping it so it’s quite wide) – if you resize your browser on your computer, or look at the site on your phone, you’ll notice that all of the photos resize to accommodate whatever screen you’re using. The one that’s up now fits that space particularly well since the HG and PG remain nicely visible at all screen sizes. Just something to consider.

Also, I don’t think any of us want to spend our time combing through the forums to find nice photos to post on the homepage, so if you have one that you want posted, send us an email at info@crestlinesoaring.org. That gets checked often.