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David Webb
General Member

Copy that!

Threaded replies (nested replies) can easily be turned on/off. Will test a few things out and turn that off, since that one’s been mentioned more than once (you and Jerome).

Referring back to the alternate view I added here, this one does the following already:

  • Topics are sorted by the last reply (so the topic with the most recent reply is at the top, and topics that haven’t had a reply in a while are farther down).
  • The “Last Post” column on the right in that list has a link directly to the last reply in that topic. This gives you access to the topic (for those who might be jumping in on a new topic) or directly to the last reply (if you want to go straight to that). This is how all of the other topic lists work as well (if you look in any forum, each topic has a “Last Post” column which takes you directly to the last reply in that topic).
  • Topics (and forums) that contain content that you haven’t read yet (as long as you’re logged into the site) will show you the dark blue bar next to them to make them easy to spot.

It sounds like if we switch the main Forum list (what you get when you click on “Forums” in the main nav) to the new one (linked above) and disable threaded replies – does that (mostly) solve everything? We can always make more adjustments, but if doing those 2 things makes everyone’s browsing/posting/bantering process a lot easier, then those are easy to do.