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David Webb
General Member

Ok – baby steps:

  • Main forum view has been updated – clicking on “Forums” anywhere on the site gets you to the main forum view, which now shows Topics sorted by last activity.
  • Each topic in the list shows its title (clicking the title takes you to the topic itself), who started it (clicking the author name takes you to their profile), which forum it was posted in (clicking that takes you to the list of topics in that forum), and when the last post (reply) was (clicking that takes you directly to that last reply in the topic).
  • On mobile sizes, this topic list is compressed a bit to accommodate the small screen – title (clicking that takes you to the topic itself), last post link is directly underneath (clicking that takes you to the last reply in that topic), and author.
  • Paging buttons (previous / next) are at the bottom of the topic listing (if you’re super bored and just want to flip through all of the topics in chronological order of last activity).
  • Removed “Active Topics” from the sidebar, as it was redundant with the main listing (that also means less scrolling on mobile sizes if you want to get directly to the recent replies or list of all forums).

There are a few cleanup items to do to turn off the threaded replies – that’s on the way.