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David Webb
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The loop will always only be about that long (for 15 minutes). Here’s the math:

  • Assuming we have all of the last 15 minutes (sometimes the camera will not upload an image due to lots of reasons – power being the most common), we get 15 total frames.
  • Animated GIFs have 100 “ticks” per second.
  • To slow things down a bit, we set the delay on each frame (how long the frame is displayed for) to 20 ticks (roughly 1/5 of a second).
  • If we have 15 frames, that equals 3 total seconds (plus a 1 second delay on the end) – 4 total seconds length.

Dan is the man as far as the Crestline webcam goes (I don’t know much about that one – we’re just linking to it from the site since it can’t be embedded). This doesn’t help you, but I’m on a Mac as well and I haven’t had any issues with viewing/using the Crestline webcam. It always says “your browser is not supported”, but ignore that and everything seems to work fine.