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I have read the rules on the CSS website that detail the restrictions for beginning pilots and how to improve to get restrictions removed. This paraglider pilot’s instructor didn’t drive home the risks of ignoring the restrictions….

That pilot’s instructor didn’t make the pilot understand that great conditions for months on end does not mean that tomorrow will have great conditions.

Just want to point out that the pilot’s instructor did (& always does) drive the point home several times before the incident ever happened (everything in the posted article in fact), the problem is that once pilots are independent and flying without an instructor present, they either somehow misunderstand the restrictions (the pilot’s instructor was not present, but an instructor was present when he launched, so he believed he was still within the rules), or they sneak off and break the rules knowing full well that those rules are in place. They don’t always get caught, but when they do, they absolutely get a talking to.

A lot of the newer pilots who get their ratings and become independent, become overly confident. They see other, maybe better pilots, doing this or that, and they start experimenting with stronger conditions, riskier launches, maneuvers, etc. Maybe they get away with pushing the boundaries in spite of the warnings, until one day it bites them. I wish they really took to heart why the restrictions are in place. I’m not saying every rule is justified, but many of them are meant to keep people safish & alive as long as possible.