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Well-said Jonathan, and others. Let’s be considerate of each other and do a better job of sharing our LZ.

I recently put together a paraglider/hang glider approach diagram that I hope will help people stay a little safer. I had guidance from Stephen, Dan & Jordan. Keep in mind that this diagram should not make anyone feel like they’re entitled to the marked space, or that everyone must adhere to it at all times. I know that the wind direction & other conditions can change depending on what time of day people are landing, and (as Jordan mentioned to me) that some paraglider pilots like to make their approach over the parking lot. I also understand that not everyone will have perfect approaches and might need additional landing area, even if that means cutting into the kiting area. We should all keep an eye out and make space when necessary.



Paragliding instructors do ask students to watch for incoming traffic and stay out of the hang glider landing area when kiting. These are brand new people probably on their first or second day lesson, and everything is so new to them. They’re in the process of learning so many new things! Sometimes they are full of adrenaline, preoccupied with a challenging task, and they forget that they should be watching for pilots coming in. The instructors keep an eye out as much as possible and ask their students to put their wings down or move when they see someone setting up an approach overhead, but once in a while a student might get dragged past the cone at the wrong time, or the hang glider needs more space than might be anticipated by those on the ground.

If you see someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, don’t hesitate to go up to them and let them know they need to move. Please be nice about it. Let’s keep a positive, friendly atmosphere for visitors and newcomers whenever possible. We all make mistakes and nobody enjoys getting raged on. It might be a new visiting pilot, or a student practicing kiting without an instructor present who may not be aware, or has forgotten where they’re supposed to be. It happens! Nobody is perfect. 😉 Driving instructors ask us not to speed or tailgate when we’re working on our drivers license, but many of us still end up doing these things (not always on purpose) once we’re out of their sight. Humans! We’re imperfect! 😳😅