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Bille Floyd
General Member

A Playing Field , Line Striping Machine , can be had for under $100 ; why

not just run a line up the center of the HG/PG field , and tell PG pilots to

stay to the appropriate side of that line, or they get a $50 fine


escorted out by the police,  for trespassing ?


I plan to fly here at CSS  soon ; bottom line for me is that it

might be safer to go land on that nice wide/flat dirt road , down below,

than take the chance of hitting someone with my 330-Lb Exxtacy, rigid wing .

Yes 330-lb rolling mas of glider, pilot, and harness, with reserve ; and it ain’t gonna

stop very fast ; if there is a PG pilot , ((kiting on the landing cone)). A Rag

wing only weighs 25-Lb less than my rigid ; and some guy’s do use wheels

to roll in on.


If i have to land on that dirt road ; then there isn’t much need

for me to be paying your club, (money) — to use a landing aria

that doesn’t really exist ?


Tuesday evening , (June 2) i was drinking a beer, and looking

at kiters in the HG landing aria ; one guy decided to pack his

PG right next to the HG spot landing cone.



If the RRG goes out of business ; both HG and PG pilots

will need to find somewhere else to fly than CSS ; no insurance

then —– this place gets Shut-Down (.)

Any part of that ; Ya don’t understand ?