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Bille Floyd
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For ME , the solution is simple :  i can separate the controls to my

spoilers , by adding sliders , and now i have independent control

surfaces, for massive drag , to be used for short field landings ; bin doing that on

the Fledge , with rudders, since 1980 ; so it’s is a kinda simple technique, that i’m

already use to.

Now a rag-wing pilot has No real , (viable) glide ratio control ; if he encounters

lift, on his approach , then there is a decent chance of an over-shoot, and there

is no way around it.


@ Jana Pivkova

I think you should read what, “John Benario” had to say , (again) :

— “The page mentions that because of two pilot to pilot lawsuits the RRG is going to run a loss this year, and warns of long term viability because of suits like these.  One of the suits being about”

“ a collision between a kiting glider and a glider coming in to land.


Jana wrote  : “Do we then fine hang gliders who can’t land in their own part of the field? Or just paragliders kiting their wing too close to the line” ?

Seriously ? You Really said that ?? You honestly think that kiting a PG

is more important , than a pilot attempting to Land their glider ,(PG or HG) ??

Before you answer ; re-read what John Benario had to say , above.

Do Ya get it now ? Because i believe the usage permit that CSS has

for their club members ability to fly ; i think it’s contingent upon an insurance

policy, being  in place ? What are ya gonna do , when it’s gone ? Or maybe

you haven’t thought it ? If something isn’t done promptly ; it is an

accident waiting to happen , and another lawsuit , just waiting to

take the RRG under. I already have a plan in place, if that happens , and i’m

still gonna get to soar gliders legally ; what are you going to do ?