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Bille Floyd
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I don’t wanna sound, bias, towards HG ; i Also fly PG

SO …

I’ve seen  days when the break-down aria for HG’s, is 4 rows

thick ; it cuts the PG landing aria down , by a LOT ! HG pilots

land , and put their gliders in that nice grassy aria ; then just

LEAVE it there for Hours . GURRR !!!! OK so if you don’t wanna

break down your glider  ; then why not put it over by the north end

of the parking lot , (where it won’t make landing a PG more difficult) ?

I watched a tandem PG pilot, nearly crash into the 4’th row of parked

gliders one day ; he could’a really used that space, for a way easier landing,

without the unnecessary headache. BTW — that tandem pilot who had

the  incident; he’s one of the best flyers , in the club , so YEA , it can happen

to anyone !