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David Webb
General Member

Hi Albert,

When we redid the website, I made sure to plaster that frequency ALL OVER every site briefing (the General Site Guidelines, every launch, and AJX), our Emergency Action Plan, and a few other places around the site. If you’re in the air over AJX, you’ll also notice that it’s painted on the roof.

Sticking it in the forums is fine, but the forums are more for discussion – important club information that needs to stay up and visible is better given its own real estate or page on the site. It’s been made clear that almost no one reads the site guidelines or briefings, which kinda sucks – I ask any new visitor I meet to check them out, but I can’t force anyone. I encourage everyone (even those of us that have been flying here for many years) to give them a thorough once-over just to get familiar.

Just for sake of repetition, our club frequency is: 145.555