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Ken Howells
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Went to the 750 around 2:00 with a Sport 3 hang glider. Gonna do the fly-and-hike thing again, with more fly than hike, dammit.

Starting the set-up of the glider I feel rested and strong; taking Saturday off except for a little spin on the mountain bike was the ticket! Good cycles from the ESE (slightly odd for time of day/year) and a long balck HG maintaining above & out front of  Cloud Peak.

Am I missing a batten? On both sides? Glider was awfully light…

I see on the test fly tag one of my rare uncorrected sloppy 3’s that kinda looks like a 5 in the middle of “S3 135” if you’re in a hurry grabbing a glider off the trailer at the shop.

Too heavy for a valid test flight of the glider. I could fly it and have fun and land it OK, especially if I had a good headwind.  But all the wear and (possibly!) tear for no reason aint worth it.

Just had the wings spread anyway. Folding and packing practice. Maybe I’ll fly my paraglider that’s in the back of the truck and then hike up for the truck.

Or even land the PG here at the 750!  Did that years ago. Higher success rate than with HG’s, as a matter of fact!

Yeah, that small tandem wing that I’m now 30 lbs. below the middle of the weight range for.  Yeah, I’ll fly that on June 21st at the edge of the SoCal desert in the peak heat of the afternoon with no other PG’s flying anywhere.

Maybe I’ll go home and putter around in the backyard and think about my choices.