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Lots to read here and good stuff. Just want to add that I experienced a little LZ congestion with a PG last Friday. The PG landed very close to the cone we HG pilots aim for. I tried to loiter to give him time to clear, but he was slow and I had to come in. Ended up landing less than 10 yards from him. It all ended well, but I did express my annoyance with choice of landing spots. He was apologetic and asked where he was supposed to go. I asked if he was new and he said this was his first time at our site. I personally can’t imagine flying a new site and not finding out how things work, especially a place as busy as AJX, but that was his story.

If suppose its possible to miss the notices on the board, not check the website and make assumptions on how things run, so if you’re hosting a newby or see someone new, you might politely ask them if they’re familiar with our site. Assumptions and laisĀ·sez-faire attitudes can ruin your day.