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Darren Dix
General Member

I’ve been called out as a new paraglider pilot a couple of times for being in the hang glider landing zone, and I have to say, I totally get the point(s) of how it’s supposed to be done.

I have flown private airplanes, as has my family for 3 generations, and with that type of aviation, there is a control tower watching everything. (which sometimes I think there should be at Andy Jackson!)

At Andy Jackson, there is no control tower, there is no touch and go’s (except sometimes), there is no go back around.

Hang gliders come in hot at much higher speeds than paragliders. It is potentially very obviously more difficult, committed, and more dangerous to land a hang glider than a paraglider (depending on wind speed).

The potential for a landing paraglider pilot to not see a hang glider on final approach is quite extreme. I have had it happen 2 times in my only 18 paraglider flights. That’s unacceptable.

THEREFORE– I agree and understand 100% WHY paraglider pilots need to come in over the hang glider bunny or to the right,and NEVER in the airspace of an unexpected hang glider. This can easily be the most dangerous situation of all because there is no recovery from an unexpected incident at low altitude on landing. We don’t need broken backs!!

I repeat, there is no control tower. This needs to be followed religiously. I have been guilty of it myself, so I ain’t no preach, I’m just saying I get it.