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John Benario
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A couple more comments.  Darren is a new pilot who is fresh off instruction.  How is it his instructor didn’t ensure with 100% certainty that Darren, HIS responsibility as one of his students, was not fully aware of the site rules before allowing him to go solo?  One would expect that a new student would be the most aware of rules because the learning process is so recent.

Secondly, as David reiterates, the approach patterns are the rules for our sandbox.  If you don’t want to play by the rules you are always welcome to go to another sandbox.  The Sylmar website states that you are not allowed to fly over the neighborhoods.  That is their rule.  You must abide.

The approach patterns are part of our rules.  You don’t want to abide by them, go to Sylmar and work on abiding by their rules.  Think of the rules as our version of the FARs.