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I’m not an attorney or particularly knowledgeable about insurance, but wonder if liability for anyone guilty of the four exceptions listed above is in fact limited to the individual. It seems attorneys always go after the deep pockets and the collective pocket of CSS is probably bigger than any of it’s members.

If it’s true we’re not liable for the actions of individuals who are not in compliance with our insurance policy, then there’s nothing to worry about, BUT, if we do have culpability, then certain actions should be taken.

Some of these might be:

1. CSS rules clearly presented at the LZ.

2. All pilots sign a document stating they have read and understand the rules governing flights at AJX. This is perhaps an annual requirement for members and a daily one for visitors.

3. All shuttles check that riders are current USHPA and CSS rated members.

4. Anyone seen violating any of the club rules should have a mandatory review of their documents (ie: current memberships and ratings) and counseling for corrective action.

5. A daily sign in sheet to provide a record of pilot and site activity.

There are other issues of concern, but I fear too long a post will distract from the above discussion. I’m a relative newby to the sport, but not new to aviation. The free flight community prides itself on self regulation with a minimum of government oversight. In my experience as a professional pilot, I found it ironic that insurance companies were actually far more strict in their governance than was the FAA. Insurance companies are the true regulators of  aviation. A simple fact we must face.