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David Webb
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Thanks for adding, Thomas.

Many of these actions are already in place (it’s a matter of pilots and drivers choosing to follow them).

  1. All of CSS’s guidelines are clearly spelled out on this site, and we have posters up in the LZ with some of that information presented again (such as the approach information, club policies, etc). I’ve said it before, but I highly recommend that everyone read through the site guidelines, even if you’ve been a member for a long time.
  2. All CSS members sign a waiver when buying or renewing a membership (it’s that large popup that comes up when you click “Sign Up” to buy your membership on the site). Here are the contents of that waiver (available in the Club Library).
  3. This is a hard one to enforce, since the club isn’t operating the shuttles (individuals are), but it would be great if this one was more consistent. Shuttle operators and drivers dropping off P2s at Crestline for a 1PM flight, for example, is definitely not a good thing for safety.
  4. This is written into the By Laws – it’s a matter of will to enforce.
  5. I think the sign in sheet is a good idea, but from a practical standpoint (such as pilots going straight up to launch before stopping by AJX, going XC and landing out, or launching and top landing), I’d suspect that it’s usefulness would be limited.