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Marc Deschenes
General Member

There’s a lot of safety information and site rules on the CSS website and posted at the shade structure but I how many visiting pilots read it? How many even pay the day-use fee?

I’ve talked to visiting PG pilots who landed near the hang glider cone.  They were unaware of the landing patterns. And I’m sure many visiting hang pilots don’t know site rules and hazards. Did they even see the info posted at the shade structure? Or bother to read it?

It would help to have a sign at the top of both stairs that can’t be avoided. ALL PILOTS READ THIS.  Or something similar that would list basic rules or direct pilots to information posted on the walls of the shade structure.

Haven’t seen the day-use sign-up sheet. Does it show the landing pattern and other info? Along with paying the use fee, could visiting pilots sign a sheet of paper that listed basic CSS safety rules and hazards?