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Thank you David for bringing this to our attention and for your thoughtful replies.

Experienced pilots and club members have developed many good policies for our self governance, but as you point out, enforcement is the challenge. I see no good solution other than frequent reminders and, as you often do, personally ask pilots you don’t recognize if they’re familiar with our site rules and have current or visiting memberships. This may create awkward situations or even hostile responses, but it may also avert undesirable outcomes. Instructors are also one of the crucial links in ensuring the rules are understood and followed.  Marc’s suggestion for high visibility signs directing visiting pilots to the site rules couldn’t hurt and quite possibly help. Perhaps a similar notice should be posted at each of our common launch sites as well.

The other significant issue needing to be addressed is pilots flying wings they’re not rated to fly. This is a more complicated issue but I believe the problem is not rare. I personally think the rating system is too inflexible and outdated reflecting a bygone era of our sport. Nevertheless, I’ve found little support for revising it. The current system will clearly ensure adequate experience, but it’s rigid requirements make attaining the advanced ratings an inordinately long process. I got my Airline Transport rating in less time than it will take me to meet the minimum qualifications to become an an H4. Does this make sense? There certainly should be some numerical minimums for each rating, but instructors should also be given flexibility to evaluate a pilot’s skill and experience in granting the progressive ratings.

This problem goes well beyond our club, but it would be nice if a groundswell of support would urge our national organization to implement changes. Perhaps something along the lines of all pilots matter.