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Gary Anderson
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  • What does student pilot mean?
  • What was the pilot’s rating? (H1 or H2 or something else?)
  • What kind of glider was being flown?
  • What launch was used?
  • How long was the pilot in the air?
  • How many high-altitude solo flights did the student pilot have before this flight that ended in a crash?
  • Why was the pilot too high to land at the LZ?
    • Was the setup too high?
    • Should the pilot have noticed they were too high while on base leg or early in the final approach?
    • Did the pilot experience lift during base leg or final approach?
      • If so, when did that lift occur?
      • How and when could the pilot have corrected for for that lift?
    • How high was the pilot on their base leg?
    • What was the pilots altitude and position relative to the training hill when the pilot turned on final approach?

We must probe deeper into these accidents if we expect to learn something.