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Jonathan Dietch
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I was there and watched the pilot approach high on a pizza run. Falcon 3 195 and H2 after his first flight from Crestline late in the day. The air in the LZ was calm with no thermic activity. The pilot told me he feared he was going to fly into the two PG pilots who were standing near the W/SW corner of the LZ. I missed his high flare that resulted in the injury to his arm. The glider was fine. I broke it down and stored it. Only a wheel was damaged.
My opinion is that the pilot panicked and became fixated on the PG pilots rather than training his eyes on where he wanted his glider to go. In this case that should have been off the LZ and into an overshoot area. In other words–his glider followed his eyes. This is an extremely common cause of bicycle crashes as well as aviation crashes. Bicycles and gliders tend to go where we are looking , especially if we are fixated on an object. That’s a guarantee that we will hit the object. Train your eyes where you want to go and NOT where you want to avoid or you will hit the very object your are trying to avoid. This is well-established dogma in numerous sports and includes hitting a good drive with a golf club.