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There will be some shade where the existing concrete is, but most vertical structure (like the box and wall) that cause turbulence will be gone.

Jai Pal’s plans look neat for sure, but it makes me wonder if the new structure will cause turbulence for us paragliders making our figure 8’s right behind it. 🤔 Also that dirt road that’s getting covered by a shaded area, don’t we need that open for emergency vehicles to be able to drive onto the grass in case of emergencies?

David just put together a  nice sketch that creates a great classroom area with a couple of harness hang points, picnic tables separated from the classroom by a wall, paraglider storage area, guest seating and kitchen area. We’re also discussing a shaded glider packing area with artificial grass. We definitely need protection from sun, wind chill and occasionally rain, so that’s more to think about.

Whatever happens, I’m sure that we will end up with something better than what we have now. 😁

Here’s a list of things we could probably use:

– Sun shade
– Wind shade
– Rain cover
– Picnic area
– Kitchen with sink, BBQ, fridge & trash
– Temp glider storage
– Shaded glider packing area with artificial grass
– Classroom area
– Hang check for HG and PG
– Guest seating (a.k.a. peanut gallery😄)
– Mayhaps somewhere for guests to tie up dogs?
– Maybe reserve toss simulator somewhere?
– Visitor Info wall for rules and safety.

– Charging station

– Lights for when it gets dark and people are still hanging out during event, or taking a test, etc.