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David Webb
General Member

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer – I’m definitely not an architect or engineer (JP is an architect and he’s working on a more interesting concept which will likely check a lot more boxes than this one). I just threw this together as a potential “super-conservative” idea (maybe a visual will help with the discussion about it). Something that’s slightly better than what we had, requires minimal new concrete, no additional earth moving, and likely low-cost. Guess is that the wind shadow would be similar or maybe slightly better than the last, since there’s less wall blocking west winds, and the roof has a minimal (1′ front to back) pitch.

Few things based on the feedback so far:

  • Yellow rectangle is a safety notice showing the approach and important site guidelines (making it hard to miss when you come up the stairs)
  • Classroom area is separated from the chit-chat areas
  • Kitchen completely covered
  • Shelf and outlets next to the tables to charge electronics
  • Artificial turf breakdown area
  • Beefy mast to mount the water/laser canons