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David Webb
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Awfully quiet!

Throwing up another idea, since I’ve seen a lot of feedback about either sinking the containers into the hill or just overall reducing turbulence. This one makes the shade structure up top completely open – artificial turf under the whole thing which leaves lots of room underneath to breakdown gear or sit. Would probably be a good place for the hang simulators too.

Went with the dugout idea someone brought up – all 4 HG storage containers plus the one up top sunken into the berm at the north end of the parking lot (but not so far back that they interfere with the road at all). Kitchen, table area, fridge, and soda machine moved in there, plus a bunch of shelf space to temporarily store bags & wings. Classroom area (enough for 2 instructors) on the west side of the structure.

Whole thing would be low enough to fly over for east wind approaches and the wind shadow on the shade structure up top should be significantly less – it’s completely open and also doesn’t extend as far to the north as it used to.