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Jai Pal Khalsa
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  1. Lets be practical and also imaginative. Have some fun, make a beautiful place at one of the most amazing free flight spots in the US and world. I have contacted the Owner of Bajacarports.com about pricing to build a 30’x90’ open steel structure. We can work on the covered upper level roof deck. Attached is a fanciful possibility for open cloudlike shade structures. The list of practical and necessary spaces, i believe, should include a covered roof/observation deck, lots of open and useable ground level space for hanging out and hanging up, classroom(s) kitchen and cafe, office, bathrooms, maps and information for pilots and the public, secure storage, medical/first aid space. Animal and people shade, water, food accommodations. I will post some sketches showing a mostly open, post and beam, 2 level, 30×90’ structure with possible containers as storage and space dividers running east west to allow maximum air flow. Stairs to the Observation deck would also align east west, with open risers, to maximize air flow and minimize turbulence.   The whole 783EB2E0-A65C-41D4-82D5-59FCCA2F1E22
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