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Jai Pal Khalsa
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IMG_9514.pngGood day.  Attached are some sketches for the new shade structure at AJX, with observation deck.

35’x95′, 10 feet high to bottom of ceiling/deck structure, 7.5′ perimeter sloped metal roofing that can take up to 48 solar pv panels, and south facing solar thermal hot water collectors. 10 columns.

Baja Carports is pricing the structure and my Engineer is checking and running calcs to see what we will need to meet code. see bajacarports.com for examples.  I will post a link to pictures of structures for reference.  Photo is an example of low profile farm/shade building structure.CSS Shade Structure sketches 2 Doc - Nov 27 2020 - 9-06 AMCSS Shade Structure sketches Doc - Nov 27 2020 - 9-06 AM