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Alan Coffield
General Member

Considering Jerome’s linked study let me apologize in advance for what may be a less than intelligent response, since I won’t be using any expletives. I have a lot of respect for both sides/persons that prompted this thread, but regardless of who may be correct or has valid points, I will take the side of having “Forum Decorum”. This forum is open for literally the world to see. I dont want my daughter, or a 12 year old in India or Timbuktu reading this B.S. (opps a flash of brilliance there?), on our club website. I also don’t want potential visiting pilots from around the world or prospective local newcomers reading “heated language” from our clubs own website, that may discourage people from coming out to fly here. I like having the forums open to non-members, but consider it poor form for a non-member to “piss all over our club, it’s elected officers, and the club itself on a club forum that they don’t belong to. If I invite someone, who has an issue with me, to join my family BBQ, I certainly don’t expect them to make a scene in front of my family, at my home with what ever grievances they have, regardless of how valid those grievances are. We had the same issue a few years back with a certain “BK” from San Diego that “high jacked” our club forum to wage war on the national organization and at least one of our club officers. Unfortunately the forum needs to be moderated. Despite not cursing in this response, I confess I do occasionally express signs of intelligence at other times (driving in Cali and not reaching that last needed thermal.