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David Webb
General Member

Since when does an unscheduled touch down in the bushes (especially when there was ample time and opportunity to make a perfectly good LZ) count as a landing? Does hitting the ground under reserve count too? Does “landing” a plane in the ocean count? Incidents are incidents – shit that happened that should not have happened during the normal course of flight. Are you super offended by me calling it a crash? That’s fine – suggest another noun to use and I’ll change it.

I’ve attempted to report all incidents here that I’m made aware of for purposes of pilot and club education – if you’re that offended by seeing incident reports, don’t come on the forum. If you’re that offended by seeing folks post information about COVID, don’t come on the forum.

Maybe the web just isn’t for you cause you have gotten SUPER heated about some topics on here and I think most folks just don’t give a shit about your opinion on those things. Perhaps we all want to get back to bragging about our flights or complaining about the north winds. I sure do.