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David Webb
General Member

Proposed forum guidelines – weigh in with edits, as you see fit:

In order to maintain a safe and open forum for all pilots to participate in, the following guidelines must be followed by all forum members:

  • Absolutely no threats of any kind – physical or otherwise.
  • Absolutely no hate speech.
  • No trolling, insults, or belittling your fellow participants.

Participants in violation of the above may have the offending post removed and receive a written warning, or be suspended/banned from forum participation altogether, depending on the frequency or severity of the infraction.

That doesn’t seem like a lot to digest or that it’s heavy-handed to me, but anyone can feel free to make suggestions. As was said before – this is simple stuff that would get you banned anywhere else, so I don’t see how we’re the exception. I’m not looking to review and moderate every single post, so if we all agree to the above, anyone can feel free to either mention it in the forum or email info@crestlinesoaring.org to report it. If there are major objections to this path and y’all want someone else to run the site, also speak up – it belongs to the club and I’m not going to stand in anyone’s way.