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Jonathan Dietch
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Friday was indeed a good day which carried me from Marshall to 7300′ at Mill Peak in Arrowbear but alas I left too low and arrived below Keller Peak too low to catch the thermals leaving me with a glide that was beyond the performance of a Sport 3 155 & cocoon harness to get over the Seven Oaks Dam. I landed in a safe area behind and hitched a ride with two young men from Hemet who were out exploring. I was back at my vehicle at 7PM. I rewarded them appropriately. On the way I teamed up with Scott on his S3-155, Bruce on his Swift Light and Michael on his ARCHAEOPTERYX. I’ll post the new video when it’s ready.

2021-02-26 Crestline Seven Oaks Dam S3-155b

144028 Michael Tome


2021-02-26 LZ North-